How to become a member of WGFTFB

If your work is related to the topics of the ICES/FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB), you might be interested to be part of the group.

As a member of an ICES-Working Group (and hence as a participant in working group activities), you must maintain high levels of scientific independence, and integrity and impartiality are expected. Your behaviour and actions should minimize any risk of actual, potential, or perceived Conflicts of Interest. All contributors to ICES work should present and review data, scientific evidence, theory, or interpretation honestly and accurately, and no contributor to ICES work should knowingly mislead or allow others to be misled about scientific matters.

All members will be included in our mailing list and can attend meetings.

There are two types of membership:

„Regular member“: Each member country of ICES may appoint “experts and advisers” as it may determine to assist in the work of ICES. These persons appointed by national Delegates are referred to as members. Persons should be nominated or invited only if the nominating Delegate or inviting chair are confident that they have provided adequate evidence that they can and will abide by ICES Code of Conduct (Section 4). If you want to become a “regular member”, please contact your national ICES-delegate.

„Chair-invited members“: are invited by the WGFTFB chairs upon presentation of your request. Since ICES has the ambition to be an inclusive organization, the decision to appoint a chair-invited member should be based on the person’s scientific expertise, behaviour, and potential contribution to the group’s work, and not on their affiliation. Please note that this type of membership is time-limited and must be renewed when the WGFTFB Chair changes. If you want to become a “chair-invited” member, please complete this form.