FAO Webinar on Fishing Gear Recycling

Cloud Recording and Presentations – FAO Webinar on Fishing Gear Recycling: Technical/scientific discussion and case studies and practical examples is now available

From 2020 onwards, the Fishing Technology and Operations team (NFIFO) at FAO has been collaborating closely with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under the joint IMO/FAO GloLitter Partnerships project (https://www.imo.org/en/OurWork/PartnershipsProjects/Pages/GloLitter-Partnerships-Project-.aspx).

GloLitter assists developing countries in preventing and reducing marine plastic litter from the maritime transport and fisheries sectors through the implementation of relevant international instruments: MARPOL Annex V, London Convention/London Protocol and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Marking of Fishing Gear. IMO leads activities related to the shipping industry, while FAO leads activities related to the fishing industry with a particular focus on addressing concerns about Abandoned, Lost and otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG).

In 2022, the GloLitter FAO-NFIFO team began work to develop a background study on Fishing Gear Recycling that aims to:

  • identify the current practices and mechanisms allowing the recycling of unwanted fishing gear (including end-of-life fishing gear and retrieved ALDFG) and EPR;
  • how these practices could be incentivised or possibly regulated; and
  • define opportunities and challenges that such practices/mechanisms present.

The final deliverable will be a GloLitter knowledge product that will subsequently be used for knowledge sharing and dissemination.

As part of this work, FAO-NFIFO organised two 1-day GloLitter Webinars on Fishing Gear Recycling on October 10-11, 2022.

The first day (10/Oct/2022) was more scientific/technically oriented, while the second day (11/Oct/2022) allowed selected stakeholders to present their case studies or examples dealing with fishing gear recycling.

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Webinar links to Cloud recordings and presentations can be asked to chairs@wgftfb.org

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