The ICES/FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB) studies measurements and observations relating to scientific and commercial fishing gears, design and statistical methods and operations, and fish behaviour in relation to fishing.

Find specific ICES Resolutions to define WGFTFB workplan and Terms of Reference (ToRs)



The WGFTFB is currently chaired by Noelle Yochum (USA), Antonello Sala (Italy), and Jon Lansley (on behalf of FAO)

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Meet the WGFTFB members. Join us for an interactive Blog and learn how to test your ideas on fishing technology and get feedback.

FTFB Meeting

Under agreement between ICES and FAO, FAO hosts a meeting every third year at a location of its choosing.
Visit the official event page for more information.

Sharepoint site

Click here to go to the sharepoint site, where you can find reports, files, and other documents available for all group members.


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