Abstract submission is now open and will close on 12.12.2022

(Abstract submission extended until 19.12.2022!!!)

If you would like to present something during the meeting, you MUST submit an abstract

There are no restrictions on the topics of your abstract, but it must be relevant to the WGFTFB

Topics could include for example:

  • research related to fishing gears

  • modelling approaches

  • implementation and implications for fisheries management

  • behaviour of animals related to the catch process

  • new ideas and projects

  • technical solutions to help investigations

  • technical issues that need addressing

The chairs will evaluate all incoming abstracts and decide about the final meeting agenda (presentations, poster)

Just as an indication: the time slot for normal presentations will be a maximum of 15 min (incl. discussion)

If you need a shorter timer slot (e.g. for an idea pitch), please indicate this in your submission (at the beginning of the abstract)

Please, submit your abstract (incl. those related to topic groups) for the meeting using the form below

To make our work easier, please follow the given examples (e.g. give full names)

You will receive an automatic confirmation email

If you have any questions, please contact chairs@wgftfb.org