Workshop 2 on innovative fishing gear

In response to the EU DG-MARE request for ICES advice on the progress and impact that has been made in innovative gear use within EU waters, I would like to inform you that the Workshop 2 on innovative fishing gear (WKING2) will be chaired by Antonello Sala (Italy) and Julia Calderwood (Ireland) and meet online 23-25 August 2023 to:

a) Evaluate/endorse the catalogue of gears considered ‘innovative’, including their objectives, technical specificities, and known impacts/benefits (in terms of selectivity and catch efficiency on target and non-target species and environmental impact in terms of benefits for, or negative effects on, marine ecosystems and sensitive habitats);

b) For innovations ready for deployment, assess the level of uptake of innovative gears by the EU industry (per sea basin and fishery). Investigate what aspects impact the uptake of innovative gears. Depending on data and knowledge availability, assess the impact of finance, user-friendliness, health, and safety. For those innovations which are already taken up, present the results for the fleets;

c) For those innovations not implemented, discuss the main drivers that prevented their use if known. Where possible, include analysis of the socio-economic trade-offs and propose ways to facilitate their implementation;

d) Produce a report detailing the process taken and presenting the results;

e) Draft a summary advice based on the report produced.

Draft agenda

The public page is here:

Please Register at to get the link for participation.

I look forward to your response.


Anto (on behalf of the Core Group Steve, Katell, Nathalie, and the co-chair Julia)

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