Novel codend technology promises improved quality, selectivity, and survivability


New Zealand is pioneering novel codend technology, called the Modular Harvesting System (MHS), aiming to improve catch quality, selectivity, and survivability (discard & cryptic).

See here for a 3 min video overview: Introduction to Precision Seafood Harvesting

The MHS is approved for commercial use in New Zealand.

The approval process required the team to show that the novel codend technology performs “no worse than” traditional codends across a number of metrics (species composition, size composition, protected species impact, and benthic impact). This was achieved by designing a modular harvesting system (MHS) codend that basically mimicked the performance of traditional mesh codends. More information on the MHS and the approval process in New Zealand is provided below:

The first overseas trials of the MHS have been conducted successfully in the Netherlands flatfish beam trawl fishery


In addition to maximizing both catch quality and survival rates, the novel codend technology represents a unique opportunity to design species-selective fishing gear by exploring the natural escape behaviour in the reduced water flow environment within the MHS codend.

This blog post was started with the intention to:

  1. Share information & trial experiences.
  2. Provide a forum for discussions (comments, questions, feedback).
  3. Identify potential use cases outside of New Zealand.
  4. Identify & connect with potential partners for international trials.

We are inviting you to share your thoughts and ideas.

The Precision Seafood Harvesting Team

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