Potential producer for MiniSeine system

Potential producer for MiniSeine system

Several of you know about the work on the MiniSeine as potential alternative gear for some gillnet fisheries in areas with high seal depredation rates on gillnets like the Baltic Sea.

Some work on the gear is ongoing in Sweden (SLU), some work has been done in Denmark (DTU), and the first trials in German waters (Thünen; https://www.thuenen.de/en/institutes/baltic-sea-fisheries/projects/fisheries-and-survey-technology/miniseine-eine-kleine-snurrewade-fuer-die-deutsche-kuestenfischerei) finished some weeks ago.

Although the catches in the German trials were rather promising, several major issues with the gear (e.g., slow retrieval speed due to weak drum engines) could be identified. Therefore, we are considering/planning to procure a more professional system and would like to make use of our “swarm intelligence” to find out if anyone can recommend any company being able to provide us with such gear.

Besides Kynde & Toft in Denmark (https://kyndeogtoft.dk/), whose service catalogue covers mainly larger systems, I am in touch with Lorentzen Hydraulikk in Norway (https://lormek.no/), who offer more or less exactly what we need: https://lormek.no/products/kombinasjonsvinsjer-18-tonn/.

Anyway, I would like to know if you have experience, suggestions, or ideas for other companies that could produce or even offer such gear.

Thomas Noack

Fisheries and Survey Technology

Thünen Institue of Baltic Sea Fisheries, Rostock (Germany)

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  1. Pieke Molenaar
    Pieke Molenaar says:

    VCU in the Netherlands is providing the complete picture for flyshoot, and will probably be able to produce: winces, seining ropes, seining trawls and perhaps even a specialized vessel. https://www.vcu.nl/en/fishery-home & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocK70bTCc94 You only have to convince them to down scale their products.

    Your other Dutch option for flyshoot would be Cooperation Westvoorn: https://westvoorn.nl/contact/

    Any more questions, please ask.


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