GloLitter Partnerships project

One of the products that FAO plan to develop throughout this year within the framework of the GloLitter Partnerships project is a background study on fishing gear recycling. The study will address the following issues: (1) What are the current practices and mechanisms allowing the recycling of unwanted fishing gear (including both end-of-life fishing gear and retrieved Abandoned Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear) and Extended Producers Responsibility schemes for fishing gear; (2) how the identified practices/mechanisms could be incentivized or possibly regulated; and (3) what are the opportunities and challenges that such practices/mechanisms.

At the moment FAO are looking for suitable candidates that could lead and write this study under the supervision of the FAO GloLitter Project Task Force Unit.

Terms of reference of the lead author of the study in which you can see more details of the content of such a study: DRAFT TOR – GloLitter activity 1.4.2

Please note that, in order to be selected, candidates must be on the FAO roster of consultants. Candidates with a suitable profile, who are not part of the roster, must apply for the following vacancy announcement and pass the interview process:


Any questions please direct to GloLitter Partnerships Project Coordinator Ms. Amparo Perez Roda


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