Innovative Fishing Gear 2020 Report

The 2020 Report of the Workshop on Innovative Fishing Gear (WKING)  is now available on the WKING community page.

In response to the EU DG-MARE request, the ICES Workshop on Innovative Fishing Gear (WKING) worked by correspondence to address the request:

  • develop a suite of criteria to objectively define what an ‘innovative gear’ is;
  • develop a catalogue of gears considered ‘innovative’, including their objectives, technical specificities and known impacts/benefits (in terms of selectivity on target and non-target species and environmental impact in terms of benefits for, or negative effects on, marine ecosystems and sensitive habitats);
  • produce a report detailing the process taken and presenting the results;
  • draft a summary advice on the basis of the report produced.​

Reference: ICES, 2020. ICES Workshop on Innovative Fishing Gear (WKING). ICES Scientific Reports. 2:96. 130 pp.

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